Ideal Leadership

Leadership Expert Gary Varnell’s second book is an Amazon Best Seller that guides you through the mindset needed to become a leader of character & influence.

About The Book

How would your leadership, business relationships, and personal relationships improve and change if you became a person of influence?

Each and every one of you can become a transformational leader in your business and in your personal lives. Influence is the main key to ultimate leadership and in building leadership, sales, business, and personal relationships.

By continuously working on yourself and your character, you become a person of influence. As you continue to grow and become a better and better version of yourself, your influence continues to grow until you reach the ultimate level of leadership and influence which is transformational-leadership.

My book, Ideal Leadership, has interviews and opinions of six top leaders from five different industries. Each of these leaders share what it takes to become the leader that everyone WANTS to follow. The sales person that your customers WANT to buy from. You also become the person others look up to, admire, respect and want to be around. From this book, you will learn what it takes and how to accomplish and become a transformational leader. Once you get there, your leadership, your business, your sales and your life will never be the same again.

If you’re looking to succeed with leadership then this brand new book by leadership expert, Gary Varnell, reveals how every aspiring influential leader can understand how to become a highly influential leader.


A huge key to life’s success is building relationships and creating true leadership. To create life’s
success will take influence. Influence is one of the main topics of this book and the most
important key to success in building personal and business relationships. By the end of this book,
you will know what a person of influence is. You will know what it takes to become a person of
influence. You will also understand the person you become by committing to certain standards
and morals. It is the person you become by living a life of high standards, excellence, and
positivity. The keys to influence and the person you need to be are available to everyone. This
success is something that everyone can accomplish. I want to note that by becoming a better
version of you, you can accomplish any goal, any dream, improve any relationship (personal or
business), and create success in all facets of your life. The bottom line is that you will live a
more positive, happy, fulfilled, and prosperous life.

Definition of Influence (noun): The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or
behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

Synonyms: Affect, impact, determine, sway, guide, shape, change, alter, transform.

Influence (verb): Have an influence.

Synonyms: Effect, impact, sway, authority, guidance, direction.

Here’s my personal definition: Persons of influence have personally developed
themselves to a point where others follow them voluntarily. They have the ability to change the
thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behaviors of others voluntarily.
This book is a guide to influence. Influence allows you the ability to be a leader in your
personal life, business life, and with your customers. In your personal life, you will have the
respect of friends and family. They will look up to you and allow you to alter their thoughts and
beliefs. Influence allows others to place you in a position of authority. When you have influence,
others follow you voluntarily. Influence motivates your team to perform better and to go above
and beyond without being asked. Influence with your customers helps build your relationships
through trust. This trust allows you to be their go-to person. Becoming an individual of influence
is hugely important because it improves every facet of your life. When you have the ability to
change, alter, impact, shape, and transform the thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behaviors of others,
you are a leader who can impact the world around you.
I have read hundreds of books with titles that include the words “leadership” or “leader.”
The interesting thing to me is that most of these books were mainly about managing, not leading.
Most of them never mentioned the importance of becoming a person of influence. Yet, if you
aren’t a person of influence, you’re only a manager or boss. Your team, your customers, and the
people in your personal life will do only what they are told to do, no more and probably less. I
want to clarify the differences between influential leadership and management.
I have been a student of leaders and leadership for thirty-six years. I have also been a
leader to individuals, groups, teams, independent business owners and companies, and have
helped them all reach their higher potential and purpose. The book you are about to read is a

culmination of my experience and study. If your goal is to have influence and transform yourself
into a leader in every facet of your life, then this book is a must read. My purpose is to help
individuals gain influence in their personal relationships, sales relationships, and corporate team
In order to clarify leadership versus management, I will explain the different management
styles, which include, but aren’t limited to: positional, authoritarian, pace setter, situational,
laissez-faire, and transactional. Leadership styles include, without being limited to: paternalistic,
charismatic, innovative, servant, transformational, and true influencer.
I will also explain the difference between leadership and management. Finally, and most
importantly, this book will explain what true influence is and how you can become a person of
influence. By studying this book, you will get a clear vision of true influence and why it is so
important to your success in life. Further, you will understand what it takes for you to become a
person of influence, so you can maximize your life success.
Many people promoted to positions of authority think they are leaders because of that
position. But promotion only makes you the boss, not the leader. As you read on, you will come
across some concise statements, centered, in boldface type, that I hope you will remember as my
guideposts to what you’re about. Here’s the first:

Leaders have a position of authority,
not because of a title, but because of who they are.

To be a leader, you must have voluntary followers. If you don’t have people following
you voluntarily, you’re just going for a walk.

Leadership is a gift from your followers.

To earn it, you must become the person others want to follow.
We will look at the difference between leadership and management. We will consider the
goals of true influence and leadership. And, once we have done that, I will ask each of you to
answer questions to establish where you are currently as either a manager or leader. You will
also have the opportunity to figure out where you want to be along with a plan to get there.

Once you become a true influencer, the lasting benefits to you and your company will be
seen by the culture you create: how it impacts results both personally and professionally, how
teams react to you as an influencer/leader, how you as an influencer and role model change the
world around you and improve the world of others. By becoming a person of influence, you will
impact everyone and everything you come into contact with.
By the end of this book, you will know whether you are a leader or merely a manager.
You will know what you need to do to move from being a manager to becoming a leader. You
will also know what a person with true influence is and how to become such a person. If you
decide to become a person of influence, you will live a more positive, productive, happy, and
then read on and take action as necessary. I have great confidence that the content in this book
will bring you many life benefits.
Questions for thought before you begin:
Do you currently see yourself as a manager or leader?
Do you currently see yourself as a person of influence?
Are you doing the extra personal development work necessary to become a person of influence?

Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak at whats inside of the book.  This is the introduction to Ideal Leadership.  I hope you enjoy it and when your done be sure to order the full book and start transforming your life today!

About the Author.

My purpose as an author, is to impact others, help you become more successful, have more influence
with others and become the leader you desire to be.
Helping and impacting others is my passion in life. The principles, attributes and processes I share in my
books, were what I lived by and are what helped propel me to my successes in life. By using these
principles, attributes and processes, I was able to reach the top 1% to 5% in five different industries:
Consumer Products Industry; Fitness Industry; Camping industry; Mortgage Industry and Direct
Marketing Industry. I believe that if you want different results, you need to do something different. My
books give you a guide to a better life, but it’s up to you to implement what is learned, create a plan and
take action daily to get there.

Gary’s First Book

Belief: The Foundation To Success

What would it feel like to believe that you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of and desired?

Everyone can create whatever level of success in life that they choose to accomplish, as long as they believe in themselves and in their goals

Applying the basic success principles in this book, every day, will take you one step closer to your goals. You will learn how to believe in yourself again. You will learn the basic success principles and how to apply them daily. It teaches you how to create a plan and what it takes to accomplish what you desire most in life.  Success will take time, hard work, commitment, persistence, and sacrifice. It will not be easy, nothing worthwhile in life ever is, but it will be worth it.

Powerful, real-life stories of individuals that reached their vision and dreams of success. All from different economic levels, financial levels, and all have very different visions of success. Each had adversities to overcome, sacrifices were made and goals accomplished. It doesn’t matter where you start in life. It only matters where you finish. You will learn from this book that if you believe it, someday you will see it. At the end of the day, you can make excuses or create the life you desire. Make the choice today to change your tomorrow.

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