Gary Varnell | Positive Attitude: it’s easy to change
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Positive Attitude: it’s easy to change

21 Feb Positive Attitude: it’s easy to change

As I’ve worked and trained people on success, I constantly search for small changes to increase their success. Today, we are discussing positive attitude. That small change I’m talking about is to smile more. Simple, isn’t it? You will be surprised how this not only changes your attitude, but the attitude of those around you.

Have you ever been walking toward someone with a smile on your face and notice that when they see your smile, they return the smile. It happens to me all the time. Attitude is your choice. It’s how you choose to look at circumstances that happen to you. “It’s not what happens to you. It’s how you react that matters.” Aristotle

When I was a child and teenager, my parents and teachers would occasionally tell me to change my attitude. I’m sure some of you might have heard the same thing? I bet most of us have said this to our own kids. I know I have! I know it’s hard to believe but that is probably the best advice you could have ever received. Think about it! Who wants to be around people that are negative or have a bad attitude? I know I don’t.

To create success most people feel they need to implement the basic success principles like, belief, work ethic, commitment, persistence and many others. Well to be up front, you do. Your attitude is also one of the attributes necessary for success. I read a book called “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. His book shares empirical research data from Harvard that proves when you’re positive, the brain is more motivated, creative, energetic, engaged and many other positive qualities. The results show a direct correlation between happiness and more success.

Here is the question you are all thinking. How can we become happier?  Any change will take time, but the best way to start is by putting a smile on your face today. I told you it was simple. I have personally faced a lot of adversity and setbacks in the past but there is always someone that has had it worse than me. Gratefulness is a quality everyone can use to think more positively. There is always something you can smile about if you choose to. This simple change could improve the direction of the relationships around you and your success. So keep on smiling and see what this simple change does for you.

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