**Special Paperback Launch Promotion**

Ideal Leadership

Gary L. Varnell

The paperback version of Ideal Leadership will be available at 6am PST/9am EST on October 20th for $12.95.  


For those who ordered the ebook for $0.99 on October 17th and purchase the paperback book for $12.95 on October 20th, you will be invited to an incredible webinar with Gary Varnell. To get your webinar invite follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Order your ebook on the 17th and your paperback book on the 20th. (Each must be ordered on those specific dates.)

Step 2: Send a picture or screenshot of both of your reciepts to gary@garyvarnell.com.

Step 3: Follow the directions to register for the webinar after you recieve your invite from Gary.

You will need to have the "kindle Reader" app to access your book through an iPad or Android Tablet. You can get this app for free from the Apple App store or Goole Play Store.

Book Summary

Ideal Leadership was written to help you become a better version of yourself. It is a book about creating influence with others, by building your character to a level where everyone will look up to you, respect you and admire you. It will take you from being a manager of people, to becoming a leader of people. Current leaders will increase their influence and become better leaders. Sales professionals will become the person others want to do business with. This book will show you how to gain influence with others no matter what status or position you hold in life.

  • You will become a better version of who you are, if you follow and implement the concepts and attributes I this book. 
  • You will learn whether you manage or lead. 
  • You will learn what style of management or leadership you currently use. 
  • You will learn exactly where you are on the leadership scale, with the leadership test included. 
  • You will become the person others WANT to follow, look up to, emulate, admire and respect