Gary Varnell | Do you have fire in your belly?
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Do you have fire in your belly?

28 Sep Do you have fire in your belly?

Most people think that there is a huge difference between success and failure. You probably think you need to work a lot harder to get there. That’s not totally true. You need to work harder on the things that matter. You may think it takes long hours to get there. That is not totally true either. You just need to work smarter on the things that matter. There isn’t any big secrets to success even though most people think there is.

The power of persistence is the little thing that makes the big difference. Ken Hubbard put it this way, “There is no failure except no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within. No relay insurmountable barriers save our own inherent weakness of purpose.” Ken Hubbard

In order to have the commitment and persistence necessary to create success, we need a purpose. You may think of purpose as the WHY you do something. Here is an example: why do you go to work? You might say for money. Maybe your reason is to pay the bills. There is nothing wrong with these reasons, but they are not a purpose.   A purpose is a cause, your vision, or goals in life. The key is you need a purpose so you remain committed and persistent long enough to create success.

Now back to why do you go to work? A purpose could be to provide a better life for my family and me. Another purpose for your job could be to put the kids through college. These are only two examples, but you get the idea.

R.H. Macy of Macy’s Department Store had 5 professions before he had success and found his purpose. He tried his hand as a whaler, retailer, gold miner, stockbroker, and real estate. He tried seven times at retail before having success. Retail was his purpose so he remained committed to his vision of success. That allowed him to remain persistent long enough to create his ultimate success.

If you don’t have a purpose in life, my suggestion is find one. Success is waiting for you. You just need a strong reason why (purpose) to get there. Now, go out with your purpose and be persistent long enough to make it happen.

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