Gary Varnell | Are you Committed or just Participating?
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Are you Committed or just Participating?

28 Sep Are you Committed or just Participating?

There are no shortcuts to success in life. I’m referring to personal and professional success. I want to ask you a question that determines whether you will create success or not. Are you committed or just participating in your success. Let me give you an example of commitment and participation. Many of you may eat breakfast in the morning. I want you to think about bacon and eggs and their relationship to the chicken and pig. The chicken lays the eggs and goes on with life (participation.) The pig gives its life for the breakfast (committed). That, my friends, is the difference.

Being committed to your success means, you will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to create your success. Committed people not only embrace the process, they perfect the process. “Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Arthur Ashe

Participants on the other hand sit in the stands or on the sidelines of life. They show up every day but aren’t concerned or tied to the results. They smile and love being around the winners in life. They never get totally involved. Basically participants are just going through the motions in life.

When you look at the most successful people in history, you will note that they had to overcome huge adversity. The highest levels of success are only reached through commitment to overcome great adversities. If you are not committed, you will not stay the course to accomplish your success.

Commitment is one of the basic principles necessary for success. There are many more principles needed and we will talk about them in another blog. Have a great day and find a cause worth committing for and create your success.

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